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Marcie Hill and I will be nerding out on the floor of the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center at Chicago Comic Con 2011 this weekend, August 11th through 14th in Rosemont. The doors officially open Thursday for a few hours but the big fun is actually Friday through Sunday. There will be some local comic artists, writers and even a character model there that I know and we’re hoping to see them along with many others.


Martin “Marty” Lindsey                                                    Marcie Hill

Lots of stars like Louis Gossett Jr.,  Christopher Lloyd and Patrick Stewart will be there at different points during the weekend, along with panelists covering a variety of specialties. I’m going to hang out in the artsy meetings (comic book inkers, cartoon artists and the like) and Marcie is going to check some of the more literary and other cool sessions.

We’re looking to take pictures and video and share an interview or two with you. Marcie is going to be doing live blogging and tweeting so Follow her Marcie_Hill Twitter name. I’ll likely tweet from my MartyBLOGs name and I’ll have more full length posts in the days and weeks after this weekend. We’ll cross link and share those with you in the coming days.

Of course you can always come out to Rosemont and join in the fun yourselves as well. If not, we’ll keep you posted on what you missed.

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