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How many people get to tell their life story in heroic illustrated fashion? Yorli Huff is one of the few among us who can make that claim. Yorli is one of many people in the comic industry that I’ve connected with and been networking with on Facebook and I got to meet her in person during Wizard World weekend.

It’s funny how we finally crossed paths on the convention floor. I was walking with my head down taking notes or fidgeting with equipment or some such thing and someone walking the other way down the aisle shoved a couple of cards in my hand. I looked up and it was Yorli and her artist Derrel Spicyy handing out Special Agent Phaedra shields and Veil of victory placards.

I looked up and realized that it was her in the flesh and I said “Hey Yorli, I was coming to see when I can interview you.” We shook hands and she said “Give me ten minutes. I’m going to get an autograph from Pam Grier.” Couldn’t argue with that (LOL) and I caught up with her and Derrell at her at her table a few minutes later.

Two things to love about the comic is that there is no cursing and none of the characters die so it’s appropriate for all ages. I walked away a happy customer with my autographed copy.

As you can see from the interview Yorli is a busy lady. She has the comic book and her real life story The Veil of Victory. Also be sure to friend her on Facebook to keep up with her latest public appearances.


  1. 7-16-2012

    Martin, I need to know where I can get one of those T shirts she’s got on. I wouldn’t mind the comic book either. My son is trying to be an animator–he’s into the stick figure genre. Holla or tell Pleasant the deets, please. Thanks!

  2. 7-16-2012

    Hey Julia. I didn’t see that particular t-shirt on her table so friend her on Facebook and ask about it.

    Also here’s the shopping page on her website.

    That should get you started and I’m sure she’ll appreciate it.

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