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Here’s how a storyboard in progress might look when you see it in preliminary, critique phase. I have the basic elements in place and we had in class critiques about a week ago. My professor was impressed with my first swipe at it and my classmates like what they see so far. All gave suggestions on edits to a few boards and ideas on what to add to finish it out. It’s due this coming Monday so you’ll see credits etc by then. If you get to take a look-see in the next couple of days before I complete my revisions though leave a comment and tell me what you think of it so far.


Martin Lindsey Storyboarding Project #4 Rough from Martin Lindsey on Vimeo.

Revision B of my second animatic. I went superhero since that’s a genre I’m interested in.

The song is “Streetwave” from the Brothers Johnson’s 1978 album Blam!

Music clip used for educational purposes only. This song does not belong to me, Martin Lindsey, and I am making no attempt to profit from the work of the original musical artists.

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