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It’s the cosplayers. Fellow blogger Marcie Hill hung out with me at Comic-Con 2011 last summer in Rosemont, Illinois, one of the suburbs of Chicago. I think we were both equally fascinated with the costume players, affectionately known as cosplayers. At first I thought they were kinda weird. Why would adults dress up as super heroes or villains and not be thoroughly embarrassed? Well I guess when you’re in a building full of others doing the same there’s nothing to be embarrassed about right?

After taking in the scene for a while my artistic brain kicked in and I begin to appreciate the makeup and costume creating talents of some of the participants. I started thinking some of these people might be hirable for poses or short film projects. I couldn’t walk out in public like that myself but I began to enjoy the artistry and humor of it all. Fun bunch of people.

There’s no effort on my part to edit or compose this footage. I’m just sharing it with you as taken to give you the spontaneous feel of mine and Marcie’s presence in the crowd. Thus, the loose flow of it is simply as-it-was.



As you see people enjoy posing with the cosplayers and the players love obliging them. You can hear me egging them on in their antics as well. I’m seriously considering making this crowd an annual post unto themselves so look out for the  2012 rendition later this year.


  1. 6-20-2012

    I do not think it is weird or insane at all. In fact, I think it is quite wonderful. These adults have somehow managed to maintain their sense of childhood wonder and excitement and express this wonder and excite unashamedly.

    Perhaps, if more people reached back and got in touch with the child they once were, this would be a better place.

  2. 6-20-2012

    Interesting that you would say so Max. I met a mother and little daughter who were dressed in matching Cat Woman suits. Mom asked me to take a photo of them. Bet the little girl will get a kick out of that years from now.

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