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If you’ve ever seen a body building competition on T.V. and thought to yourself, “Hummm, they would look like natural super heroes if they had costumes.”, then your intuition is spot on. La’Drissa Bonivel is an IFBB Pro (sculpted women of La’Drissa’s ilk aren’t called body builders they are called women’s physique pros) and she travels nationally for competitions. She also has gigs as a super hero model for a couple of characters, Diva Gold and Prodigy created respectively by Chicago indie comic book creators Joe McFee’s Xigency Studios and Joe Currie’s Strictly Underground Comics. I had the opportunity to meet her in person at Chicago Comic-Con 2011. Take a look at the video and learn more about her ventures in the world of comics and professional fitness.

La’Drissa is a multitalented lady as is evidenced by her other business endeavors. She calls herself a tri-factor as a skin care pro, yoga instructor & personal trainer. She’s also a motivational speaker. Check out her company Loyal Body and see if she can’t be of service to you in some way.

Her star is on the rise so I wouldn’t be surprised to see her competing on T.V. or beating bad guys on film some day soon.

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