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I had to laugh at myself after I finally got around to editing this video because I realized I had made the same mistake twice when I interviewed Joe Curry, the creator of the Punx of Rage universe of characters. Joe is the owner of Strictly Underground Comics but I mistakenly ask him about The Street Team which is a totally different team combination that his characters are a part of. So you’ll have to credit my error to the fact that I was still trying to figure out the various affiliations and collaborations he’s involved with :). But hey it makes for good organic film making so check out the vid and get to know Joe.

Joe and I had met before at the DuSable Museum of African American History’s Annual Arts and Crafts Festival in the summer of 2011 and that’s where I hung out with him and a number of other Black Age of Comics creatives who were sharing a vendor tent. That meeting was the result of having friended him and a few other local indie comics owners on Facebook and finally catching up face to face so, thanks Joe for bringing this rising animator into your world. It’s a great professional match in my book and I’m looking forward to some collaborations of my own with this crowd.

Keep you eyes peeled for more great issues from The Punx of Rage, The Almighty Street Team, including their first video game which you can purchase here.


  1. 7-13-2012

    What Up Martin and crew, I just wanted to thak you for hooking us up like this much appreciated!!!

  2. 7-13-2012

    You’re quite welcome Joe. Thanks for consenting to the interview and sharing your profession with us.

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