ANI 422 Animation Styles and Techniques Dino Final

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For my first final project of the winter 2012 quarter we had the option of doing something new or enhancing a previous project. I wanted to jazz up my dinosaur so I revised that assignment and retooled it as a loose homage to Windsor McCay (Gertie the Dinosaur) and the John and Faith Hubley UPA (my attempt at minimal animation) style.

The white outline with a gray fill pretty much set the stylization I was going for. Modifications included reshaping the head and adding in-betweens for bent leg motion at the beginning. I also added a few dozen extra Photoshop layer neck motion tweens at the end which were imported into After Effects and sequenced for the animation.

The background was stylized with scanned textile pieces. The mountains were a textile scrap with color adjustments to give it a reddish hue in Photoshop. I shaped the rectangular scrap into mountainous contour by creating a mask with the pen tool in After Effects. The ground was a different layer of scanned fabric. I scaled it down to fit under the mountain range. The lake was four alternating scans of a piece of sheer turquoise fabric that I twisted and reshaped on the scanner table. I masked it into the composition with the pen tool and added a wavy effect filter to each layer for stylized wave motion. Here’s how it turned out.

My professor didn’t want us to use Flash for the final and gave the challenge to use other tools so I had to revert to Photoshop. I love Photoshop for textures and images but it is horrible for animation. It took forever to make edits to layer by layer without the benefit of onion skinning which saves massive amounts of time when tweaking. Nevertheless I chugged through it.

Now that I’ve experimented with textiles as environmental accents I really like the feel it gives. I’m definitely going to use them more often in the future. One final down and one to go before spring break.

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My Career Change Animated

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This is the final modification of my final project from my ANI 201 class, Animation I, at DePaul University in Chicago. It uses images processed in Photoshop and imported into After Effects for compositing. The movie was produced during the fall quarter of the 2009 – 2010 school year.

The concept is to show my career transition in the works. My old life as an engineer in a small engine factory is covered by foliage, ridding me of the old profession that brought me no creative fulfillment. Then the foliage retreats to reveal the inspiration to return to school and unleash my creative juices in digital animation, my new career in progress.

This is the second revision in which I add audio tracks in key spots to give more life to the film. I also added MAYA renderings and hand sketches from my 3D modeling class to the end.


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My James Bond-ish Short Animation

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I made this one in my Visual Stylization in 3D Animation Course. It’s the final production from the Winter Quarter of 2011. I had a blast learning a lot of 2D and 3D techniques. The object of the final was to create an animation in two different styles and to show a convincing transition between each.

The first part of my film uses the 3D on 2D technique. The boat is a 3 dimensional object which is colored with Toon shaders in Maya. This shader gives it a flat 2D appearance to make it look as if it were also 2 dimensional like the painting it appears in. The boat moves between two flat planes onto which I applied two layered parts of said painting. The 2D flat planes give a feel of depth to the scene as the boat moves through it.

The painting is “Dr. Scorpio’s Lair” by Josh Agle which I separated into two layers and processed into two separate files using Photoshop.

The second part of the film was all 3D, created in Maya. I used a copy of the same 3D boat with regular color shaders applied to it. Using the same two colors on both boats tied the 2D and 3D scenes together.

The tiki head is also a Josh Agle piece. I used it as my transition from from one scene to the other.

Finally I used After Effects for post production to create a Quicktime clip.

This got some really good reaction on YouTube and I hope you enjoy it too. Leave a comment and let me know what you think of it.


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