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I made this one in my Visual Stylization in 3D Animation Course. It’s the final production from the Winter Quarter of 2011. I had a blast learning a lot of 2D and 3D techniques. The object of the final was to create an animation in two different styles and to show a convincing transition between each.

The first part of my film uses the 3D on 2D technique. The boat is a 3 dimensional object which is colored with Toon shaders in Maya. This shader gives it a flat 2D appearance to make it look as if it were also 2 dimensional like the painting it appears in. The boat moves between two flat planes onto which I applied two layered parts of said painting. The 2D flat planes give a feel of depth to the scene as the boat moves through it.

The painting is “Dr. Scorpio’s Lair” by Josh Agle which I separated into two layers and processed into two separate files using Photoshop.

The second part of the film was all 3D, created in Maya. I used a copy of the same 3D boat with regular color shaders applied to it. Using the same two colors on both boats tied the 2D and 3D scenes together.

The tiki head is also a Josh Agle piece. I used it as my transition from from one scene to the other.

Finally I used After Effects for post production to create a Quicktime clip.

This got some really good reaction on YouTube and I hope you enjoy it too. Leave a comment and let me know what you think of it.


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