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O.K. it was decades ago (just look at this old footage) and it has probably been replotted a million different ways in that time. This short film was produced in my Editing I class at DePaul University during the Spring 2010 quarter.

We were given film footage from what seems to have been a student production from the 1970’s of a bank robbery and cut it into clips to be recomposed as our own unique story. The ultimate objective of this basic editing class is to learn how to tell a story, not just how to put clips together, so  it was a little difficult to grasp at first as I’m not a natural story teller. I have learned to be one in every class since then though 🙂

The software used is Apple’s Final Cut Pro 7 and the music tracks are a couple of my 70’s rock favorites from Paul McCartney and the Steve Miller Band. I think this was pretty decent for my first attempt. What do you think?


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