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I didn’t use the Isley Brother’s Ohio Players classic by the same name but I could have and it would have fit perfectly. This was a short film produced in my Editing I class at DePaul University during the Spring 2010 quarter.

The assignment was to find or create our own video footage and stills and use it with music to tell a story. My sources were YouTube and the iTunes Store.

This is one of my favorites as I got to indulge my love of music and give a truncated version of the history of Western music. Who knows. Maybe I’ll do a longer one some day.



  1. 8-7-2012

    Wow! This is my first glimpse into world of Martin Lindsey and I’m ready to take up residence. Very impressive! A lover of words, music and history myself, I was drawn in by how he flawlessly blended them together. I hope we will have the opportunity to collaborate in the future. Continued blessings in your personal and professional endeavors.

    Celeste T. Parker
    Author of Pigs Don’t Wear Pearls

  2. 8-7-2012

    Thanks Celeste. I had a lot of fun composing this. I’ve used every principle of story telling in each homework assignment ever since so it was a great editing primer class.

    Glad you enjoyed the video. Please continue touring the site and see what else catches your eye. And share any links you like with your friends.

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