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This was the Winter 2011 quarter midterm project for my 3D Texturing and Lighting class. We imported the 3D geometry into Maya, created textures from imagery found online and assigned them to shaders. The shaders were applied to each object in the scene and digital lighting was added for realism.

This course was my first opportunity to learn scene composition. It was difficulty to pick up on at first but I think this one turned out pretty well.


  1. 6-25-2011

    You did more than nice, you did an awesome job on your artwork! What are you planning on doing with your talent in the future?

  2. 6-26-2011

    Thank you Talia. I have a bunch of things I’d like to do including science animation, comic animation, animated shorts for festivals and I’d like to collaborate with fine artists of various genres to animate some of their pieces.

    Always looking to collaborate with other artists to see what we might create together as well.

  3. 9-16-2011

    The lighting on this is fantastic, Martin.

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