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Shining a Light on the Hopes & Dreams of Chicago’s Youth is the subtitle of the new exhibit at HumanThread Gallery Gallery in Chicago. We Too Are Chicago! is the show featuring my wife Ramona Dallum Lindsey and Trish Williams. As the focus was on our youth, they also included a very talented high school photographer Gerald Brown. Gerry is going into her junior year of high school and she’s already an extremely gifted shutterbug. Keep an eye out for her emerging career.

While these ladies of the realm of still imagery were the focus of the show, I had a contribution as well. It was my first non-academic collaboration. I created a hand drawn Flash animation to an original score, including a narration of the poem We Too Are Chicago! written by Ramona. It’s really great the way all this came together. I had been trying for some time to figure out how to network with students in the DePaul School of Music. Only a few weeks ago I created a flyer with tear-offs containing my contact information stating that I wanted to collaborate with music students on future animation projects. I posted it on the bulletin board at the music school and a couple of weeks later a student named Matt Martin contacted me and said he’d like to talk. Take a look at the vid and I’ll give you all the background on the other side.



Matt and I met in one of the animation labs in my academic building and talked for a while, getting to know each others’ musical tastes. I showed him a few of my old animations along with the music I had selected for each. After talking about how we might work together Matt asked me when I thought I’d like to do our first joint project. I said I was thinking about the fall when I begin my final project for graduation but he might also be interested in putting something together for this project I’m doing with my wife in less than a week in case he had something on the shelf he wanted to try or an idea in his head that he could compose really fast.

I told him the gist of We Too Are Chicago and themes of perceived “hopeless”ness and striving for “hopeful”ness and achievement. He put his band of musical classmates together and they came up with a nice piece. And as it turns out I wound up gauging my work method to complete the animation. My first approach had been to create my imagery based on the lyrics from the poem but after hearing Matt’s song I decided to change tack and take visual inspiration from musical inspiration. This proved to be extremely helpful proving how music and visuals naturally compliment each other. The end result seemed to fit the spirit of the the poem. I added your Miss Whitney Jackson’s narrated track on top of it all which helped me tweak a few edits of the animated tracks and it all came together.

I’m looking forward to future collaborations with Matt. Special thanks to him and his band of merry musicians, Brett Tolcher, Kyle Licolci,Tucker Glidwell, Brandon Allen and Joe Sanchez. My animation will only be on display through Friday, July 13th, the evening of the Pilsen Art Walk but the work of the featured artists will be on display through August 3rd at HumanThread Gallery at 645 W. 18th St., Chicago, IL 60616.

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