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You’ve seen him referenced in a couple of earlier videos and now we profile the man himself. Joe McFee is the creator of Exigency Studios one of the independent African American companies representative of The Black Age of Comics. I first met Joe the way I’ve been meeting a lot of my artistic professional connections over the last three years, on Facebook. We met in person at ComicCon 2011. Fellow blogger Marcie Hill is asking the questions this time while I shoot. Here’s the interview.

Joe has been amassing a cadre of comic artists in his sphere of influence, most notably Kim Moseberry and Joe Currie. Kim is the interior page artist for the AWF comic series beginning at Issue #2 and Joe Currie of Strictly Underground Comics, hangs out with him with assorted comic conventions and events. And as he mentioned in the vid that’s Adrian Adams making an appearance behind Joe. He has done promo and poster work for the Amazonia Title.

Joe and Xigency have been producing books at a consistent clip so keep an eye out for their latest projects.

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