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Uraeus – also known as Richard Tyler – is the creator of the Jaycen Wise comic book. I took the opportunity to talk to him about his time traveling character who has made such an impact on the indie comics scene that it garnered him an interview from a local Baltimore news station. He talked about the follow up benefit of that interview including enhanced branding and awareness of the character in addition to more Facebook friends and well wishes via email. Take a look at the vid.



We talked further on other points including how cool it was to me as a father that his sons were the inspiration for getting the Jaycen Wise series of the ground. He mentioned how we sometimes have to create the images that we want our children to take in. I could definitely relate to that. he took it as an obligation to do it himself instead of waiting for other entities to provide something appropriate and acceptable. And as we artists know, there’s no barrier to doing that with the current state of individual access to advanced technology.

As for current and upcoming Jaycen Wise adventures, check out Ureaus’ first motion comic Jacycen Wise and the Eye of the Storm, a modern day not-just-your-average jewel heist produced in 2010. He’s working on motion co mic number two, Jaycen Wise on the Road to Infinity, due to be released in the next couple of months. It’s set in the cowboy era and he’s taking the opportunity to teach how the black cowboys helped settle the wild west.

Ureaus says he has about twenty Jaycen Wise stories in various stages of production, some of which are dropping later this years and others in 2013 so stay tuned for the next adventure. Not only that but friend the Jaycen Wise Facebook Page and keep up with all of the series updates.


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