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I was inspired to do some personal Photoshop work after Felix Baumgartner’s record breaking space jump a few weeks ago and created this as a Facebook Cover. I split the composition between two layers with left and right halves and learned a new tool in the process to blend the two together. The smudge tool is amazing. I just stumbled across is while poking through the menu. It’s officially a fave to use in any abstract work I do from now on.



You’ll notice from the screen shot below that all the real work happens on layers 1 and 2, the left and right half mentioned earlier. This image blending technique is easy to employ by simply keeping both layers open and working along the intersecting border to create cool transitions.



I’ve decided to continue improving my Photoshop composition skills by regularly updating my Facebook Cover with original digital work. You’ll be seeing those here as I create them.


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