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If you’ve heard of the old radio shows from yester year like The Shadow or Halloween classics like War of the Worlds then you’ll like the modern day twist Hartlife, a team of multimedia actors and artists, has given the old genre. While strolling through artist alley, their booth caught my eye and I spoke to director Jeffrey Gardner about their newfangled internet audio drama.

Jeffrey Gardner of “Our Fair City” at Chicago Comic Con 2012 from Martin Lindsey on Vimeo.

Funny how small the world is. Turns out Jeffrey and I are coworkers. We both began working at the Museum of Science & Industry earlier this year. I bumped into him in the museum one day a few weeks ago, months after this interview, and said “Hey, do you have an internet radio show?” He said yeah and remembered us talking at ComicCon this past summer. It was great catching up with him again.

Be sure to catch up on episodes of Hartlife’s Our Fair City, save the site and drop the guys a line to tell them how much you enjoyed it.

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