This Is Who I Am:

I’m a 2D/3D animator skilled in hand drawn, stylized, abstract, elemental and character animation. You can see my CGI, 3D printing & laser cutting portfolio of work right here on The Animated World of Martin Lindsey. This combination of experiences have synthesized my passion for art, science and engineering in launching my hybrid animation & cross-media career.

This Is Who I Help:

o ad agencies
o multimedia production firms
o science centers and cultural museums
o maker spaces
o STEM/STEAM outreach & education programs

This Is How I Help:

o I create custom graphic designs
o I create animation for a variety of multimedia formats
o I teach the fundamentals of free and open source 2D and 3D modeling and animation
o I am also interested in classroom instruction at all academic levels


Feel free to contact me for potential collaborations, freelance or full time employment opportunities.