My First Large Scale Graphic Design/Laser Fab Project

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My first public graphic design work is on display here in Louisville, Kentucky. I was part of my wife, Ramona Lindsey’s, artistic team for her first public arts project, Parkland Rising. Here’s a picture of the completed project on an abandoned apartment building at 3201 Greenwood Avenue in Louisville’s west end.




My piece is the Phoenix Flames Marquee. I designed the graphic file in Inkscape, a free and open source vector drawing program. The design included the openings in the flames and the “We Will Rise Together” cutouts. Ramona used a number of service providers to accomplish her project including the marquee fabricator, a local company, HyTec Cutting Services, Inc.

I emailed my digital file to HyTec and they transferred it into AutoCAD. We spoke in person about the design, including overall size as well as screw hole size and positions.There were some issues between the Inkscape file and AutoCAD but they made some adjustments on their end and cut it out with a laser cutter in their facility. Below is my first piece of art in the city of Louisville.




Here is the link to WAVE 3’s report during the project site dedication on Tuesday, July 2, 2013. News, Weather


You can see more images and clips on Parkland Rising at the project’s Like Page. When you have a moment take the time to stop by 3201 Greenwood Avenue and take a look. The artwork will be in place on the building for one year.

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Some of My Favorite Scientists

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When we began this year’s weekend Science Achievers program at the Museum of Science and Industry, our manager in the Fab Lab had us facilitators create introductory PowerPoints as a way of introducing us to the kids. I chose to share my favorite T.V. scientists from my youth and a couple from science history who inspired me to become a technologist. Take a look at the presentation and you’ll get to me a little better too.



Still can’t figure out how I pursued engineering first before science later in life (engineers don’t have cool T.V. shows, scientists do!) but I have my act together now – LOL. Really enjoyed putting this together. It affirmed my combined scientific and artistic pursuits in my current life.


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How Matter Is Made

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This was my group interview presentation for my current job as a fab lab facilitator at the Museum of Science and Industry. I’ve always liked physics and astronomy so I figured I’d take it back to “how it all began”. Our objective for the interview was to pretend that we were giving a real science workshop to kids. Our audience was the group of us interviewing plus a number of museum staff. Take a look at mine.



One of the goals of the fab lab is to have kids make something that they can take home with them. I had an activity where they created an atom out of pipe cleaners and wagon wheel pasta that took home as there personally made souvenir. I had a good time with it. Most importantly, I got the job 😉


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My Felix Baumgartner Facebook Cover

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I was inspired to do some personal Photoshop work after Felix Baumgartner’s record breaking space jump a few weeks ago and created this as a Facebook Cover. I split the composition between two layers with left and right halves and learned a new tool in the process to blend the two together. The smudge tool is amazing. I just stumbled across is while poking through the menu. It’s officially a fave to use in any abstract work I do from now on.



You’ll notice from the screen shot below that all the real work happens on layers 1 and 2, the left and right half mentioned earlier. This image blending technique is easy to employ by simply keeping both layers open and working along the intersecting border to create cool transitions.



I’ve decided to continue improving my Photoshop composition skills by regularly updating my Facebook Cover with original digital work. You’ll be seeing those here as I create them.


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A Quick Cartoony Head Shot In Adobe Illustrator

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I created this one in Illustrator recently to keep my chops sharp. Since I’ve learned to use Inkscape open source illustration software at work I’ve begun playing around with Illustrator on campus.

I’ve used this as a head shot on some of my social media profiles. It’s not me but I do favor a cool beret in cool weather. What do you think of it?

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My Illustrator Workshop Class In Review

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Just before the beginning of the Fall 2011 quarter the School of Cinema and Interactive Media in DePaul’s College of Computing and Digital Media acquired the graphic design department from the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. This development has provided a slew of new courses for us. I’ve always wanted to take Adobe Illustrator and learn more about vector graphics to accompany pixel based Photoshop. It’s a freshman level course but it’s one I can imagine using in a variety of ways in my future animation projects.

Our lecturer for this course was Chris Kalis. Although one of his specialties is graphic design this wasn’t a graphic design course, just a basic “how to class”. We learned some important basics such as masking, creating our own character fonts and learning how to create abstract shapes with the line and circle tools. We got a lot of good work in with the color tools too.

Chris didn’t let us off the hook just because it was a beginner class though. We applied design and composition principles to our projects with the layouts he assigned using a variety of techniques. On our first major project he took our head shots, we turned them into silhouettes and then got creative blending it with our initials in a variety of ways. Here’s one of mine.

This is the reason I took the class. To learn how to draw in Illustrator. For this exercise we found a picture of an interesting object and traced it. After Placing (sometimes preferable to Importing an image) the picture on the art board you lower the opacity to make it more opaque but not completely transparent. Then the line tool is used to draw the contours of the object. In the end the closed spaces can be filled with color. The file below was my boat project which included a labeled diagram.

This is my final project, my re-imagining of a Donald Byrd album cover. It is a process book layout of one of his jazz album covers. The objective for the final was to pick an album cover, create a few stylized versions of it, including the logo, and then picking a color pallet to use as inspiration for something unique in the end. This exercise gave us more practice on learning about fonts and duplicating them as closely as possible. The PDF flip book will let you leaf through the pages of my final.

I learned more than expected from this class, especially creating custom fonts that I can use in any animated situation. Christ is a great instructor. This is Chris’s personal site. If you’re a student of animation or graphic design I definitely recommend that you take a course from him. And if you need a vector based alternative to the pixel based PhotoShop you should definitely fire up Illustrator and start playing around with it.

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Dream Studio Still Life

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This is my final project for my 3D Texturing and Lighting course taken Winter Quarter of 2011. I downloaded the geometry of this scene and imported it into Maya. I created textures found from online images and applied them to shaders. The shaders were assigned to each object in the scene and digital lighting was added for realism.

I really enjoyed this assignment. I picked this model in particular as it reminded me of the dream studio I have pictured in my head. It looks like the old loft/factory buildings that many traditional artists use for studio space. I wouldn’t necessarily need a brand new or even a used modern building. I like old places and one properly refurbished would do just the trick for me.

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Kitchen Still Life

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This was the Winter 2011 quarter midterm project for my 3D Texturing and Lighting class. We imported the 3D geometry into Maya, created textures from imagery found online and assigned them to shaders. The shaders were applied to each object in the scene and digital lighting was added for realism.

This course was my first opportunity to learn scene composition. It was difficulty to pick up on at first but I think this one turned out pretty well.

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